Saturday, 07. January 2017

Motor-manual harvesting

Among other densely wooded countries it was Norway, where we gained our experiences in motor-manual harvesting. Therefore we are well aware, that trees and their precious commodity wood are respectable natural goods, whose power...

Tuesday, 07. March 2017

Munichs green lungs – the "Englischer Garten"

The Munich English Garden is one of the worlds largest urban park areas and is responsible for delivering fresh air to the metropolis.

Tuesday, 07. February 2017

Photosynthesis and the Beech

Photosynthesis is the most important energy conversion process on earth, through which all vascular plants, ferns, mosses, most algae and some bacteria are capable of converting light energy into chemical energy. The foliage of...

Thursday, 21. February 2013

Tree of the Year 2012: The European Larch

For thousands of years it has bared loneliness and cold – in wintertime even without a "dress". It is famous for its resisting power and the curing effect of its juice: But who is this Lady amongst the pinewood?

Thursday, 21. February 2013

Tree of the Year 2011: The Wild Service Tree

Whether you use its wood for filigree woodwork or resistant furniture, or you use its berries to relief stomach aches: The Wild Service Tree is a useful beauty from the old days.