Welcome to your company for tree care and special fellings

Baum & Astwerk is a leading specialist for tree care, special fellings and end-to-end solutions in the garden and park area. Environmental awareness and the highest possible safety standards are an essential part of our corporate culture.

About Baum & Astwerk - Your Treecare in Munich

We gained our experience and industry knowledge in arboriculture and tree surgery throughout many years of delivering high quality in this business - not only in Germany. But the love for our home is closely connected to our passion for plants, trees and forests. We are the expert tree surgeons for residentials, property managers, municipalities and developers. Here you'll find professionals for

    •    Tree felling
    •    Tree surgery
    •    Tree trimmimg
    •    Stump removal
    •    Repairing storm damages
    •    Tree planting

The teamwork is done by trained tree climbers, European Treeworkers, professional agricultural economists, graduated foresters and certified tree experts.

Individual counselling, detailed demand planning and thorough project management will go ahead the day, on which we may call you our satisfied customer.